Tamil Nadu Consortium of Farmers Producer Company Ltd

      (State Level  Apex Producer Company for Tamil Nadu listed by SFAC GOI,      

Bringing ‘corporate culture into the farmer owned and managed FPOs was the real task; The capability to achieve this transformations should be uniform in all the FPOs of the state irrespective of the sponsor; The state level organizations firmly believes to achieve this ideal in all FPOs uniformly and evenly so that such member owned institutions shall become sustainable in managing their business by building the capacity of FPO in terms of governance, administration, budget mobilization, finance control, management and discipline, incorporating value systems and ethics in business.

The state level FPO shall ensure adequate paid service to member FPOs so as to transform production driven agriculture into market driven agriculture; Assuming  the roles of the many partners in supply / value chain in larger magnitude so as to get 80% of what consumer pay for the product and produce to the primary producer. As such the primary mandate of state level FPO is to sustain the FPOs across the state, irrespective of sponsor, by providing necessary management skills in handling HR, inventory, finance, clients and business and at the same time bring in qualitative change in the production system by providing better access to technology, credit and market exposure.

The effect of the state level FPO should result in:

  1. Put in place a value and ethics based business culture in the FPO

  2. Network the FPOs within and outside state for a better marketing of the produce

  3. Address the crisis that emerge from mobilization of share holder to incorporation of the company, scouting enterprising directors and identification of team leader; provide entrepreneur skills to manage the business and expand the business; guide them to mobilize enough credit support; bring all the benefits of the schemes of the government to the members through FIGS.

  4. The Tamil Nadu Consortium of Farmers Producer Company Ltd (TNSLPC) shall join hands with State Level Producer Companies(SLPC) of all other states and explore marketing possibilities for the produces and products farm TN as well as trade the produce and products form other states in TN for better economic returns.

  5. The SLPC shall expand the e-kisan mandi platform for global marketing of the produce and products from state FPO.

  6. Be a member in the proposed Bharat Kisan Producer Company Ltd, a national level FPO and intervene in the policy decisions of the government so as the production ambience and market domain are made conducive to the advantage of the primary products.

Activities Proposed

  1. Interact with FPOs in the districts and sensitize them on the need for incorporation of state level FPO for availing better institutional support.

  2. Examine the work, business plan of FPO and provide critical strategic interventions to accelerate their business.

  3. Organize buyer seller meets and make the member FPOs to understand the needs of the market and consumers.

  4. Scout the produce and products form various FPOs and suggest them the better FPOs to act as dealer/distributor for such products within and outside state.

  5. Keep on prevailing the schemes and protects of state, center, financial institutions, national level and global level foundations and advise the member FPOs to avail the benefits of the schemes.

  6. Provide customized capacity building training to CEOs, Board of Directors as well as the enterprising farmers.

  7. Providing support to FPOs to market their produce and products through e-kisan and like platforms.

  8. Offer structured programmes on maintenance of statutory records & registers, reports to ROC, bookkeeping and business communications.

  9. Identify the ‘crisis’ areas in FPO in the domains of HR, Finance, business plan and client handling and offer professional solutions to address such crisis.

  10. Explore new market avenues for the products of member FPOs in the national and global market; showcase the products/produce in the trade fairs of national and international nature.

  11. Collaborate with organizations of business community like CII to further expand the business prospects.

  12. Establish linkage with financial institutions to channelize the credit support to FPO at various levels.

  13. Collect and maintain the FPO database for future planning.

  14. Develop a grand alliance with all grass roof level farmer collectives to promote ‘crop clusters’ for large scale handling of the produces/products.

  15. Create a website and keep it as repository of information related to FPO, products, produces and marketing.

        All the Farmer Producer Companies incorporated may contact for further details and to become a member in State level TN consortium of Farmer Producer Company Ltd at [email protected]

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